Dragonfire Dg20 Dg 20 Strat Pickguard- Works With Emg

Fender Classic Series 50s Stratocaster Maple Fretboard 2 Color Sunburst
Fender Classic Series 50s Stratocaster Maple Fretboard 2 Color Sunburst
   US $799.99
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Heard about our Dragonfire Guitar Pickups? Based on the great pickups from EMG, Seymour Duncan, Dimarizo, and Fender- for a fraction of the cost! Don't pay for the name, pay for the tone!


           Dragonfire DFDG Strat Pickguard

      Active Dragonfire SA's - EXP and BCU!


Your choice of White,

or Ivory pickups!

Dragonfire DFDG Prewired Strat Guard

Wired with our DF-SA Strat set,

EXP and BCU Effects,

And your choice of pickguard, pickup, and knob colors!

What it is:

If you are looking at this, then you are aware of the EMG DG 20 setup. What we have done is taken that setup and made it affordable for the everyday guitarist.

Let's face it- how many of us can shell out over $310 for the EMG setup?

Not that many.

Want the tone, but don't got the dough? Dragonfire to the rescue!

Get it here for less than 1/2 the cost.

Our DFDG comes standard with the following:

3 Active DF-SA Pickups in your choice of White, Black, or Ivory

The DF-SA's are our take on the EMG SA- Same great Alnico tones and of course - dead quiet! Get all the power and clarity of active pickups-without the noise.


The EXP Tone Control does exactly what the EMG Exg does. It boost the lows and highs while scooping the mids. The EXP looks different then the EMG counterpart,  but the tonal effect is the same. And the EXP has a bypass!

The BCU-

The Band Control Unit- Like the EMG SPC, the BCU is a "fat" control. With the twist of the knob, boost your mids and reduce the highs coming out of the DF-SA's. The result is a warmer, fatter humbucking tone. All from your Strat!

7 Way Switching

Just added for 2010, we made 7 way switching standard on our DFDG models. With all this great tonal modes, you need to get those Tele sounds too!

The Volume pot is a push/pull pot. When the pot is down, works just like a regular strat.

With the switch in the neck position, pull the pot up. Now you have the bridge/neck pickups on.

In position 4(middle and neck) pull the switch up to engage all 3 pickups!

The tones are endless!

Also includes:

Stereo Jack- This shuts down the battery when the guitar is unplugged. Does not drain your batter. Average battery life is over 1000 hours.

Prewired Battery Clip- Just plug and play!

Sealed Super Quiet and Smooth 5 Way Switch, for noiseless pickup changes.

Installation Instructions- Standard changeout time ( with a string change too) is 20-30 minutes!

Everything is prewired for you, using our quick connect jack system- there is


Your Choice of Pickguards, Pickup Covers, and Knobs


 No redrilling the mounting holes!

Pickguard Colors- 

3 Ply White, Black,

Mint Green, Aged White,Cream, Blue, Red,

Gold, Red Tortoise,  Brown Tortoise, or Brushed Gold

Pearloid Colors-

White, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, or Green

Pickup and Knobs-

White, Black, or Mint

Please send a note with your payment and let us know your color choices. We custom wire all these to order, so we do not start your pickguard until we know.

Completely hand wired to your desires in our shop! Just let us know what you want with your order. By far, this is one of our BEST SELLING Pro Series pickguards. For this price, you will not believe your ears, and your guitar will feel like a whole new axe!

We know what you are thinking- How are they doing this? Does it REALLY sound like the EMG DG20? Too good to be true? This are all valid questions.

 The answer of course is YES! They do sound as good as the EMG's. 

We have been doing this PRO SERIES guard for since 2007, and hundreds of them later, the response is the same. Customers cannot believe that they spend so little and got so much! Check our feedback, read the reviews, do the research.

No more do you need to spend too much for great tone!

Don't take our word for it- Check out some YouTube Video from one of our customers


and here!


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