Esp Vintage Plus Strat W/ 48th St Neck Floyd Rose Emg’s

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fender strat 271661205946408290 Esp Vintage Plus Strat W/ 48th St Neck Floyd Rose Emgs

Up for auction is an ESP strat completed project of mine. I had fun putting this thing together and it plays and sounds good but I need to make some room so its up for auction.

 I got this body on ebay a little while ago. Its an ESP Vintage Plus model with a relic paintjob. Previous owner said it was done by a place called Relix guitars. Its a decent paint job but is not close to a true Custom Shop job. Features a Floyd Rose bridge with brass block, EMG active pickups (58 Humbucker in the bridge, SV single coil neck) controls are volume/neck, volume/bridge, and Tone. It has a 3-ply Warmoth pickguard and Fender backplate (white/black/white).

 I also got the neck on ebay a while ago. Previous owner stated he has had it since it was new. Truely vintage, back when ESP just made Strat replacement parts. Has the ESP stamp on the heel and scribed on the back of the headstock. This neck wasn't originally made for a locking nut but was modified (before I got my hands on it), worked out o.k. but needed shims to get it at the right height. Very minor fret wear, has some dings but is not warped in any way. There is some cracks in the finish (not in the wood) on the back.  Rare 48th street NY neck plate. It has had some holes filled on the heel.

 I have done my best to descibe this guitar but please take time to closely look at the pictures and ask any questions you might have, I would really like to avoid taking any returns on this guitar. In the event I decide to return shipping will be paid by buyer and original shipping cost is non-refundable. I also will need to be notified within 1 day of receiving the guitar that you want to return. USA Auction Only, I will not respond to e-mails asking to ship elsewhere.

One last thing I forgot to mention. I cheaped out on the bridge height adjustment screws, They were actually chrome and I painted the tops of them black with some touch up paint instead of getting new black ones. If you look at the pics you can tell. I'm just trying to be as honest and descriptive as I can.

fender strat 271661205946408291 Esp Vintage Plus Strat W/ 48th St Neck Floyd Rose Emgs


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