G&l S500 Deluxe Strat Leo Fender

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fender strat 578652007213573080 G&l S500 Deluxe Strat Leo Fender

This is truly a dream guitar.  The look, the construction, feel and the performance...  It's all here.  It's a Strat shaped guitar that is "handmade" in Fullerton CA by the company Leo Fender started to blow Fender instruments out of the water.  It has three Magnetic Field Design single coil pickups in place of the Alnico pickups found on the more classic strat sounding G&L Legacy.  These pickups are slightly hotter, and a little less noisy than standard single coils.  I've heard from many that you can't get the clean Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan tone out of the S500 that you can from the Legacy, and that's just not true.  I will grant you that you can't just set a fender twin on stun and have all the knobs on your guitar on eleven and get that tone.  If you do, you'll sound like Angus Young!  You have to roll a couple knobs off, and maybe try a few different switch positions, and if you do, you can find that sweet, sweet, sound.  Oh, and for those of you who missed the importance of that statement, what happens when you do turn everything back to eleven?  A wonderful searing tone that isn't quite humbucker, but that is a toneful snarling beast that sustains for days!

There is an interesting push/pull switch that when you have bridge, or neck position selected immediately puts you in simultaneously bridge AND Neck position.  When you are in 'tweener neck/middle or bridge/middle the switch activates all 3 pickups.  The all on position doesn't do much for me, but having the neck/bridge on and with a flick of a single switch going to bridge only gives you a perfect Rythm and lead tone you simply can't mess up switching between.

When you consider, the lush tones this guitar makes and the sheer number of options you have + the quality of fit and finish and the ridiculous playability, you gotta check this out!   
International shipping is possible but you must contact me for a quote before you buy/bid.  NO BIDDING IF YOU HAVE ZERO FEEDBACK. Thank you for looking and God bless.

fender strat 578652007213573081 G&l S500 Deluxe Strat Leo Fender


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